Thesis Development


This page has been developed to aid in the development of my MFA Thesis exhibition on November 4th, 2019.

Chief concerns are specified in the two main sections: Objects and Images.

Attached below is a working draft of the thesis and notes on key issues addressed.

Key Issues to be addressed in thesis:

  • Imagined Nature as a guide for inner wonder. Reference founders of Abstract Art’s use of Theosophy, early scientific processes, and automatism. Exploring romantic approaches to the Information Age.

    • Spirituality & Ancestry: Theosophy’s continuing influence in Abstract Art today

    • Telematic Art: craft traditions in a new media environment

    • Nature: Seeking symbols and spaces to encounter wonder.

    • Embracing hybridity in sculpture and image making through installation.

Installation Plan:

Belcher Gallery

Shrine-like installation, an illuminated curtain/tapestry, and an intimate slide slow. Anxiously tucked together in a small space, the illuminated elements and shadowed corners guiding the viewer’s interaction with the space.

OBJECTS: Unspecified Material

Assembled Sculptures

Free-standing sculptures will be developed from two previous designs. The “Figment Design“ and the Lithic Burst / ”Sprite” design. These ideas were developed on previous projects and the example images below are process and exhibition photos.

( Lower left: Inner Landscape, ATC exhibition, April 2018 / lower right: Flight Between, Root Division installation November 2018)

“Figment” Design

Lithic Burst / “Sprite” Design

Drawing of imagined cell wall, digitally rendered. Grew into two different iterations (the projected cast glass and the clustered paper mobile).

Images: Selection and Presentation

A carousel of 80 Acrylic Ink Illuminations will be projected in the corner in front of a single chair.

Between 1 - 3 of the Enamel Illuminations will be printed and displayed by the doorway.

Possible creation of art book(s) for the collection of Illumination images and words. Placed in exhibition as “Reference“.

Illuminations: Enamel on Glass

Scanned Images of microscope slides that were layered and enameled.

Each slide is photographed in Large Format and scaled to: 300 dpi / width 36in x height 77in

Batch A:

Batch A Diptychs:

Batch b:


Illuminations: Acrylic on Glass

Photographs of slide paintings being projected onto screen. Slide paintings were created with acrylic inks and recycled glass projection slides.

Each slide is photographed in Large Format and scaled to: 300 dpi / width 36in x height 53in