Out of the MA fog

The last two months have been a wirlwind as I finished my Master of Arts thesis exhibition, Lithic, finally got in the groove of teaching high school chippies, started writing a scholarly article, and still tried to find time to feed my cat (much less myself). I pretty much ceased all inter-web activity that was not related to the previously stated objectives. However, all my real-time-craziness means a lot of new photos, videos, statements, and such will be coming to the site soon! So stay vigilant because updates are coming!

Hey, Check Me Out!

This summer I was lucky enough to teach at the Rochester Art Center's Total Arts Day Camp! I had a seven really cool kids with a lot of personality! What does that have to do with today? Well Laura Nickel finally had a chance to show me the photos of all my chippies! Here's one of us critiquing their drawings. 

Whole New Look!

Notice anything different about the site? I hope so, because it looks totally different today than it did yesterday! Being the professional lady I am, and with my Master of Arts thesis exhibition right around the corner, I thought it would be nice to give my image a little boost. New art will be up soon and hopefully new blog posts!

Tiny Potato is right.

All my studio chippies are hard at work on their first project, I made my first model for the semester, and I finally found a happy home for my ice-cream maker. Now I just need to get my wax skillet pack from the ceramics studio and all will be perfect! I can feel myself finally kicking into gear. I found this adorable drawing of a potato in the ART 100 lab. It says, "I am a tiny potato. And I believe in you. You can do the thing." Tiny Potato is right. I CAN do the thing!

Getting Organized!

According to the people who follow the cosmic way of things, 2015 is going to be a breath of fresh air. So, in this frame of mind, I am getting my work and digital spaces sorted out. First my website, then my desktop, and finally my studio space. Nothing like a refreshing the visual landscapes!